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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage works to release the fascia which is connective tissue surrounding
the muscles. This allows oxygen and nutrients to return to the cells in the body thereby
restoring the balance of the muscular and nervous systems of the body, creating better health.

Some benefits of therapeutic massage

  • reduce fatigue
  • enhance sleep quality
  • strengthen immune system
  • eliminate toxicity
  • increase flexibility & strength
  • decrease chronic pain
  • recover from sports injury and athletic events
  • re-connection with yourself

What will I experience in my session?

I use my 18 years of experience blending swedish, deep tissue, and myo-fascial release techniques to relieve chronic pain, muscle tension, or just to relax. Each theraputic massage is tailored to the individual. Your individualized massage creates a balanced and grounded experience for the body, to leave you completely restored.

30 minutes – $35.00

60 minutes – $60.00

90 minutes – $90.00

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