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Well-being Consultation
Well-being:  A state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity.

Most of the world lives in a state of fight or flight, being overstimulated on a daily basis through media, food, and emotional stressors. The choices you make on a daily basis are creating a decreased sense of total body health including severe stress on your digestive system. Your quality of life and well-being is dependent upon the choices you make about your physical health, environment and leisure time. I am a massage therapist with 18 years of experience in mind/body awarness, 200 hour yoga certified, and a certified colon hydrotherapist, dealing with colon/digestive health.

What does the well-being consult encompass?

Each well-being consult is tailored to each individual’s needs.
After taking a complete health history,  we will;

  • Discuss current health and lifestyle choices.
  • How to create a healthy digestive system to increase your immunity
  • How to decrease your stress level with simple changes to your daily routine.
  • How to create stillness throughout your nervous system and increase overall wellness.
  • I give you resources that will  empower you to create quality of life and optimum health.

I have been asked over the years to help my clients achieve greater health and well-being beyond therapeutic massage.  I am now offering this service to those who seek balance in their bodies through wellness. Where does well-being begin with you? 

If this interests you, please call me at Solace for a well-being consult.  

Consultation:   $30.00  (1 hour)

info@experiencesolace.com | 802-644-8440

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